Class Finishing Dates for Christmas

These are the dates teachers have told us they finishing/restarting their classes. If your class isn’t mentioned ask your teacher when the plan to stop their classes.
Lili- Watercolour and gouche painting Tuesday drop in class-last class on the 10th of December, restarting on the 18th of January. Lili is going to Bangkok to for an exhibition and artistic residency over this time and we wish her all the best.
Chris- Acrylic painting Sunday- Last class on the 14th of December restarting on the 12th of January.
Ciaran- Ceramics- Tuesdays and Thursdays- Last class 19th of December restarting the 7th of January.
Patrick- Ceramics-Monday,Wednesday,Friday and Saturday – Restarting the 6th of January

Published by admintaw

Trinity Arts Workshop is a student run society that aims to promote art in Dublin. We run a variety of classes including painting, clay modelling, life drawing, pottery or ceramics and screen printing.

3 thoughts on “Class Finishing Dates for Christmas

  1. Hi, I am interested in attending the painting classes with Lilli. I see they usually take place on Tuesdays but the restart dat is next Sat 18th January. Is this correct? Thanks, Fiona

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