Class timetable

The updated version of the timetable for the 2017/18 Academic Year.

Screen Printing – First class is Monday, 25 September

Watercolour – First class is Tuesday, 26 September

Life Clay Modelling – First class is Wednesday, 20 September

Life Drawing – First class is Thursday, 21 September

Print Making – First class is Sunday, 8 October

Ceramics –   Mon – First class is 18 September

Tue – First class is 19 September

Wed - not yet confirmed

Thurs – First class is 7 September

Fri - not yet confirmed

Acrylic & Oil – First class is Saturday, 30 September

Published by admintaw

Trinity Arts Workshop is a student run society that aims to promote art in Dublin. We run a variety of classes including painting, clay modelling, life drawing, pottery or ceramics and screen printing.

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