Basics of Drawing

Dear All, 

Thank you for your emails and your interests in the workshop but unfortunately this year we will not be holding this 4 week course due to the health state of the teacher, Lili. 

Apologies for the inconvenience but when everything is back to normal we will again organise the course. In the meantime Lili has a list of all the amazing people interested in the course, so if you are interested then send her an email at and she will be more than happy to put you on the list and update you on any information about the course. 

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TAW Committee.

4 week Friday evening drawing course: Basics Of Drawing
(pre-booking via email is required)
Dates: 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th of May 2017
Time: From 7 to 9 pm
Location: TAW Studio, 191 Pearse Street, Dublin 2
All materials will be provided
Course price: €35 for TCD students, €47 for other students and €60 for public. The full fee will be paid at the beginning of the 1st session.
With the artist and art teacher Lili Heller
Limited space: only 15 Participants maximum
Early booking by email
Course Outline:
You will:
– Understand more how our vision capacity works, what make us see volume, improve your observation skill
– Go through different ways to handle a shading tool and ways of shading
– Concretely understand contrast, depth and 3D illusion tricks
– Use different tools and movements to obtain various texture effects
– Know how to see the main axis and shape of the object-model better
– Be able to know how to start an observational drawing and what are the main steps to build it up
– Know more about composition and background
– How to do gradient effects in pencil, charcoal and soft pastels and how to use colours using complementary ones
The course will start with short essential technique exercises on paper then will focus on observational sketches and fully shaded drawing (mainly landscapes, fruits, daily objects, animals).
Suitable for complete Beginners as well as for people who want to catch up on concrete explanations and on helpful, easy to understand and solid drawing technique basis and tricks.
All the material will be provided (wooden drawing boards, mechanical sharpener, drawing clips, HB and 6B pencils, 9B graphite sticks, charcoal, soft pastels, chalk, white / off white paper, erasers, pieces of cloth).
Course Facilitator: Lili Heller
Born in 1981 in France, Lili Heller is a professional Visual Artist based in Dublin. She has a studio at Richmond Road Studios. She also has over fifteen years experience as an Art teacher for children, teenagers and adults.
She obtained her Visual Arts Masters in 2004 in the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Marseille (France). In 2005, she then received a Masters of Theoretical Art Studies from the Université de Provence in France.
Since 2002 she has had many solo exhibitions in France and Germany and has participated in numerous group shows in France, Canada, Slovenia, Ireland and China. Her artistic work is in numerous public and private collections in France, Austria, Germany, Ireland, Slovenia, Canada, Brazil, China, Thailand.
Lili ran BLOCK T’s Education Department until 2014 and create SKILLSETS until 2014. She was also a co-initiator of the International Exchange Programmes and one of the main initiators of the LINK Culturefest, the 2012 BLOCK T arts and culture festival in Smithfield.
She has taught in Trinity Arts Workshop and Youthreach.
Lili is a highly experienced, devoted and passionate Art teacher.
Early booking by email recommended:
Please send an email to this address if you wish to book for this 4 week course in May, after making sure that the dates are all good (that you will be able to attend the 4 sessions of the course). Thanks a lot.
If you want to book, please send me a booking confirmation email with your:
Name, Surname, 
email address, 
phone number,
and if you are a TCD student, a student (student card required) or public.
Thank you.