The price of a class is 65 euro, (35 euro for TCD students), and it includes all materials, also copper plates. 
Classes are planned for every second Sunday 10am – 2pm… 
The Dates for year 2019/2020 are as follows:
22nd September
6th and 20th October
10th and 24th November
8th December
First classes start on the 22nd of September
Contact Details:
To book please contact 
Telephone: 086 3363504 
About Printmaking:
The course is run by Daniel Lipstein who is a professional printmaker, he holds a Master’s Degree in Fine Art from the print faculty of NCAD. A member of Graphic Studio Dublin since 2002, Daniel has won several national awards and his work is held in numerous public collections in Ireland.
The course is designed to facilitated participants in the skills and traditions of printmaking. The course is made of separate classes that one can attend once or several times, it suits beginners and experienced printmakers alike. Our starting point is monotypes from which we take it to carborundum, multi-plates registration, and then intaglio disciplines, dry-point, soft and hard ground etching, aquatint and sugar lift.  This is a contextual and not chronological order, as the class usually begins with hard and soft ground to allow time to bite the plates during which we work on the non-chemical disciplines of printmaking. 
Each class encapsulates the entire course in a way that allows participants work individually with chosen disciplines, this encourages ideas to flow as the tutor explains the possibilities of the skills and students learn from him and from each other.
Each discipline is a rich world of creativity and exploration 
The class is designed to create few finished works and some edition-able prints during the four hours. 
To prepare for the class you can bring source material of photos you took or like. You can work from photos or from sketches you have done, using imagination and instincts in creating compositions.  Any images or compositions that intrigue you are great, it is good to have some images dear to your heart to work from. Even some basic visual ideas will go a long way, could be even abstract marks.